How is the export ban in effect in Indonesia?

According to the regulation of the Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia Number: 01/M-DAG/PER/1/2007 dated January 22, 2007. It is stated that export goods are classified into four groups, namely:

a. Types of goods which are regulated by export trade system

This type of goods can only be exported by registered exporters. While registered exporters are companies or individuals that have received recognition from the Ministry of Trade to export certain goods in accordance with the stipulated provisions.

An item whose export is regulated for consideration :

  • 1. Increase foreign exchange and competitiveness
  • 2. Bound by international treaties
  • 3. Nature conservation
  • 4. Availability of raw materials

These Export Regulated Goods include:

  • • Plantation Products: roasted / unroasted coffee, processed
  • • Forestry Products: products from rattan or wood
  • • Industrial Products: acetic anhydride, phenylacetic acid, ephedrine, acetone, butanol
  • • Mining Products: diamond, tin, gold

b. Types of goods that are subject to export control

Goods whose exports can only be carried out by exporters who have obtained export approval from the Ministry of Trade or appointed officials.

Goods that are supervised for export are goods whose exports are only carried out by exporters who have obtained export approval from the Minister of Trade or appointed officials (special exporters)..

Exports of an item are monitored for reasons to maintain a balance of domestic supply so as not to interfere with domestic consumption.

These export supervised goods include:

  • Livestock Products: cattle seeds, non-breed cows, buffalo, crocodile skin, wet blue, wild animals and plants (appendix II cites)
  • Fishery Products: napoleon fish, wrasse, milkfish fry
  • Plantation Products: palm kernel (palm kernel)
  • Mining Products: gas, coke/petroleum oil, precious metal ores, silver, gold,
  • Industrial products: scrap and scrap of iron, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, urea fertilizer

c. Types of goods that are prohibited from exporting

An item that is prohibited from exporting for reasons :

      Preservation of nature
      Does not meet quality standards
      Ensuring the need for raw materials for small industries or craftsmen
      Increased value added
      It is an item of historical and cultural value

Goods that are prohibited from export include::

  • - Agricultural Products: chicks and arowana fish, seed eel, ornamental fish botia, giant prawns size 8 cm and shrimp panaedae
  • - Forestry Products: logs, raw materials for chips, railroad or tram sleepers from wood and sawn timber
  • - Marine Products: sea sand
  • - Mining Products: tin ore and concentrates thereof, ash and residues containing arsenic, metals or their compounds and others, especially those containing tin and precious stones

d. Free type of goods

All types of goods that are not listed in the above regulations are categorized as free export goods, but of course the exporter must meet the requirements as an exporter first