Ecommerce to contribute Rp 1,908 trillion to digital ecosystem

12 Jul 2021

Business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) ecommerce are projected to contribute Rp 1,908 trillion or nearly 34 percent to the Indonesian Digital Economy ecosystem in 2030.

The projection is based on the ongoing growth trend and on the contribution of the digital economy gross domestic product at  Rp 632 trillion in 2020. Although that amount was relatively small compared to the national GDP at Rp 15,400 trillion in 2020, its growth was quite fast.

Trade Minister M. Lutfi said several prerequisites are needed to help boost Indonesia’s digital economy. Among them are human resource, talent and infrastructure development as well as improvement in business climate and ecosystem.

“Digital economy offers some benefits to the people, such as accelerating and easing transaction and improving information and transparency. But, there are many things to do to enable Indonesia’s digital economy compete against other countries,” the minister said at a Mid-Year Economic Outlook 2021 in Jakarta recently. The event was also attended by Finance Minister Sri Mulyani and Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin.

Lutfi added the trade ministry was making use of the second wave of digital economy by creating digital ecosystem that facilitates production, logistic and transaction.

According to the minister, ecommerce sector has become one of Indonesia’ economic pillars amid the Covid-19 pandemic. “Ecommerce can become a pillar for Indonesia’s economy during the pandemic by utilizing the second wave of digital economy, namely 5G technology, internet of things, blok chain and artificial intelligence,” he added.

“The digital ecosystem does not only facilitate transaction but also production, logistics and technology,” Lutfi said.

He praised some breakthroughs in several sectors.

The presence of high-scale digital company can also play a role in developing digital ecosystem. “Digital company can invest in and produce skilled human resources,” he added.


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