Business Negotiation

How are suppliers recommended to buyers?

We recommend suppliers that match the requirements of the buyer. Suppliers can increase their chances of being recommended by doing the following:

  • a. Complete their business information, including: personal profile, company logo, company profile.
  • b. Increase the overall response rate from buyers. If the supplier receives more reputation or inquiries from buyers it will positively affect the frequency of its recommendations.
  • c. More interactive: answering questions on time, actively quoting, exchanging business cards, and building business partnerships all go a long way in increasing the chances of being recommended.
What are the benefits of getting a verified identity?

By verifying your Identity, you can:

  • 1. Show your verification status
  • 63% of suppliers are more likely to contact you with a verified business ID.
  • 2. Get a faster response from suppliers when verified.
  • Higher chance of getting better and faster response.
Where can I see my verified identity icon?

There are several places on Madeinindonesia.com where you can see your Identity Verified icon.

  • a. On the madeinindonesia.com product page:Add image
  • b. On the "Dashboard" page:Add image
  • c. On your "Minisite"Add image
What is a Business Identity?

Business Identity is a service designed to help you build trust with suppliers. Once your identity is displayed, you will get more business opportunities.

What buyers can I contact at Madeinindonesia.com?

Madeinindonesia.com buyers are small and medium-sized businesses from more than 150 countries and regions. They get over 900 different categories, including Agriculture, Healthcare & Beauty, Electrical, Automotive, Machinery, Consumer Electronics, Apparel, Home & Gardens, Chemicals and more.