Beware, 22 Countries Have Halted Food Exports

14 Jun 2022
President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) stated that Indonesia must be mindful of the current food crisis as the prices of several major commodities, including wheat and soybeans, have skyrocketed due to a lack of supply.
Currently, 22 nations have halted the export of various sorts of food, according to Jokowi. Amid global geopolitical tensions caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, limits on food exports are enacted to meet domestic demands.
"Of the three countries that have ceased food exports, there are now 22," remarked Jokowi at the 50th-anniversary celebration of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) 2022 at the Jakarta Convention Center in Jakarta on Friday (10/6/2022).
Jokowi said, 13 million people throughout the world were starving due to a lack of food supplies. Therefore, be cautious, urged Jokowi.
In addition, Jokowi requested local Indonesian entrepreneurs, such as HIPMI, to help the government's efforts to promote the food self-sufficiency program to safeguard domestic food inventories and provide an opportunity for entrepreneurship in the face of rising food prices.
"Therefore, food independence is required once more. I invite members of HIPMI to join this initiative, "remarked Jokowi.
Previously, the Malaysian government confirmed that from June 1, 2022, it would cease exporting live chicken and its processed goods. The export prohibition encompasses live birds, chilled and frozen meat, chicken parts, and goods derived from chicken.
"Wednesday night, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry of Malaysia issued a statement. Additionally, chicken nuggets, bread, and sausages would be prohibited "Thursday (2/6), the Malaysian government wrote, as quoted by Bloomberg.
The move by Malaysia is a massive setback for Singapore, which imports around one-third of its supplies from the neighboring nation. The restriction threatens the viability of stores in Singapore that offer chicken-based items.
As a result, People in Singapore are anxious that they may no longer be able to enjoy chicken rice, one of the nation's most beloved dishes.


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