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27 Okt 2020

Anyone can take a role and act according to their respective portions. Because no matter how small it is, for us it is still a big contribution that will definitely have an impact on others.

It's useless if it just blames the government or other parties, it's useless and won't change anything.

_ _ _

That day, one of Respiro's friends from Surabaya mentioned us in his Instagram story post, which in a matter of seconds the video succeeded in making us both shocked and moved, just a mess.

Yes, how can we not be moved, we did not expect The Challenger - rainsuit to be his choice to protect himself when he was on duty to spray disinfectant into residential areas.

mmediately we can't wait to send back the DM and chat with Ilmi Buddy. In the online chat via DM, we asked him what role he and his friends played in fighting this pandemic. Ilmi said that since the pandemic the working hours are now divided into 3 shifts, a total of 11 hours a day. It is solely so that the disinfectant liquid can be sprayed evenly throughout the village every day, morning - afternoon - night according to local government directives.


In the midst of his activities that tend to get wet, Pal Ilmi chose The Challenger because according to him The Challenger dries faster and is easier to clean than extinguishing PPE. But the name is struggle, there is always something to be sacrificed. Whether it's time, energy or something we have. Like when Ilmi's friend told me that his pants were torn by a sharp tree branch when he had to enter the inner village. We salute him, no matter how uneasy he feels - he still does his role and responsibility for the good of many people.


In the middle of the chat we had a chance to roam a.k.a and didn't connect when we mentioned The Challenger rainsuit, because it turned out that one of the fleets in his place of work had the same name, namely The Challenger. A coincidence to celebrate, right?

_ _ _

And as a form of gratitude and support to Pal Ilmi, it wouldn't be too much if we replaced The Challenger with a new one. By choosing the color Orange to match the PPE extinguisher uniform. Hopefully it will become fuel so that you are always enthusiastic in carrying out your duties.


For those of you out there, we really believe that many of our communities have the same meaningful contribution as what Ilmi friends do. Keep up the spirit, friend, take care of your health and believe that we will be winners in this struggle.



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