Respiro Launches A New Product at The Oto Journey Journalist Event 2019

27 Okt 2020


Ciletuh, 16-17 March 2019 - The well-known local Ridingware brand in Indonesia, Respiro, this year participated in the Journalist Oto Journey 2019 "Bikers - Care to Nature". A series of touring trips attended by media peers, both television and print media. Online media was also carried out again through the Total Hi-Perf Pesona Indonesia Journalist Otojourney 2019 event. 32 media and several sponsor representatives were recorded as well as attending the tour from Bandung to Ciletuh Geopark on Saturday-Sunday (16-17 / 3) by taking the total distance is about 400 km.

What makes this touring different from last year, is because this time journalists have the opportunity to wear the newest Respiro product during their newly launched touring specifically for Indonesian riders. This new jacket product that carries a revolution in driving was launched under the name Respiro Riding Revolution v1.0.

Even more special with the presence of Indri Barbie, the lady biker who rides the Yamaha R-25 also uses Respiro Riding Revolution V1.0 as well as testing the products used during the Total Hi-Perf Pesona Indonesia Journalist Otojourney 2019 journey. This series of touring trips is an opportunity for participants to enjoy the natural beauty of Ciletuh Geopark, Sukabumi, West Java. This earth garden is a perfect blend of nature starting from ancient rocks, waterfalls, rice fields, hills, to beaches.

This trip started from the point of departure at the Total Quartz Auto Care Jaya Makmur Service workshop. The participants then went straight to the West Java Province Tourism and Culture Office. In particular, Mr Dr. H. Dedi Taufik, M.Si, Head of the West Java Disparbud Office who also tried to use the Respiro Jacket Riding Revolution v1.0. He took the time to welcome and release the riders, who were immediately confronted with a heavy traffic atmosphere.

As a ridingware brand that is trusted as a technical supplier for the MotoGP Team (Gresini), Respiro is responsible for caring for motorcyclists in Indonesia. Therefore, Respiro launched three variants as part of the Respiro Riding Revolution Series v1.0 specifically designed for Indonesian riders, with product names: Thermo v1.0, Wintro v1.0, and Flexo v1.0.

These three variants offer features that are much needed by motorcyclists in Indonesia. Motorbike riders in Indonesia are guaranteed to get a different driving experience. If riders are used to activities in the morning and at night, they can choose Thermo as the first variant which is made of windproof coating (wind resistance). If the driver is used to activities in very hot weather, Respiro also provides a Wintro variant that features a windflow system. Or if the driver is used to activities in the weather with changing temperatures, Respiro also offers a flexo variant that tends to be flexible to use in any weather.

Not only that, motorists who buy the Respiro Riding Revolution v1.0 product are also automatically registered to have accident life insurance from KSK Insurance. Of course it is a tantalizing offer considering that only Respiro offers an insurance program for motorists in Indonesia. With a very tantalizing offer, these three product variants can be obtained at a price of IDR 299,000 per product.

This series of touring trips is in accordance with the hopes and goals of the 2019 Total Hi-Perf Pesona Indonesia Journalist OtoJourney activities carried out by the 4 Brothers Team Project, being the best opportunity for media partners and automotive enthusiasts - especially two-wheelers - to explore the natural beauty of the Ciletuh Geopark while test the superiority of Total Hi-Perf engine oil and enjoy the sensation of safe, comfortable driving, enjoy with the Respiro Riding Revolution v1.0 jacket. Respiro hopes that this event can achieve the vision and mission of the Journalist Oto Journey 2019 which raises a message of love & concern for bikers to Indonesia's natural charm.


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