13 Okt 2020

Jakarta, 18 August 2020. Minister of State-Owned Enterprises, Erick Thohir along with the Commissioners and Directors of PT Sarinah (Persero) today at the Sarinah Thamrin Jakarta building officially launched the first steps of transforming Sarinah's brand and business while attending Sarinah's 58th Anniversary Celebration.

According to Erick, the restructuring, grouping, and downsizing of BUMNs put Sarinah in the aviation and tourism BUMN cluster. Therefore, the synergy of tourism group businesses such as travel, accommodation, entertainment, culinary and other connectivity, such as the digital ecosystem, is an additional strength for Sarinah in realizing its transformation. Erick also emphasized the importance of maintaining cohesiveness between policymakers and business people.

Meanwhile, Fetty Kwartati, President Director of Sarinah, conveyed the core objectives and transformation strategies, namely maximizing asset potential, product development, and curation, increasing Sarinah's competitiveness through rebranding and repositioning of the core Sarinah business units, including retail, property, duty-free, co-working space, import-export trade and create a digital ecosystem. In addition, it will also focus on improving the quality of human resources.

Meanwhile, the President Director of PT WIKA (Persero) Tbk, Agung Budi Waskito, as Sarinah's investment partner who is also working on property and construction cooperation, assured that the renovation and refreshment of the Sarinah Building will be completed in August 2021. which featured Sarinah after the restoration. The event was continued with the cutting of tumpeng as a celebration of Sarinah's 58th anniversary.

In the discussion session, today's event was filled with three resource persons discussing concrete steps through collaboration with local product champions; Placemaking consultant Handoko Hendroyono (brand activist, the figure behind Mblocspace), Mrs. Sancaya Rini (a modern dyed batik craftsman with natural ingredients that are very popular with young people), and Ade Putri Paramadita (culinary storyteller who initiated tourism programs and culinary activists). The growing trend of revival and love for local products is a great opportunity for Sarinah, which has extraordinary assets and is in the right position to interpret this spirit and make it a liquid and sustainable business potential.

The restoration of the Sarinah building has been started since the issuance of a recommendation from the Jakarta Provincial Cultural Heritage Restoration Team in early June and it is hoped that the Grand Opening can be held in August 2021.

Fetty closed her remarks by asking for the blessing and support of the community so that the awakening of the nation's products is also the awakening of Sarinah.




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