Together with Shell Helix Astra, "Drive Without Worry"

02 Sep 2020

Congestion is one of the images that appears in Jakarta when it is associated with driving. From just waiting in line at a red light, the road repair process, to the volume of solid vehicles. Under these conditions, the vehicle is required to always be in the best condition so that it can bring us to move without any disturbance.

One factor that must be considered to keep a vehicle at its best condition is to use the right lubricant for the vehicle. Mistakes in the selection of lubricants can certainly have a negative impact on vehicle engines. The engine can heat up quickly and fuel consumption will increase. Surely this has become one of the things that is very much avoided by vehicle users.

Seeing these opportunities, Shell Helix Astra which is a product of collaboration since 2012 between PT Astra Otoparts Tbk and PT Shell Indonesia presents its newest lubricant variants, namely Shell Helix Astra 0W-20 API SN + and Shell Helix Astra 0W-20 LCGC API SN in numbers Sudirman today (11/18), to complement its previous variants, namely Shell Helix Astra 5W-30 API SN + engine oil, Shell Helix Astra 10W-30 API SN, Shell Helix Astra 10W-40 API SN, and Shell Spirax Astra 80W transmission oil -90.

Shell Helix Astra 0W-20 API SN +

The latest variant of Shell Helix Astra lubricant is specially formulated using natural gas, so it does not evaporate easily and can lubricate the engine for long life and help improve vehicle performance while also providing the best protection while helping to extend engine life.

In addition, the 0W-20 variant comes with the SN + API which is the highest API Service level for lubricants on the market today that is supported by full synthetic technology so that the use of lubricants is more durable because of the more stable viscosity.

Flexi Molecule in the lubricant content also provides maximum protection when the engine is under high pressure so it is heat resistant and able to work optimally lubricating the engine. While Active Cleansing Technology (ACT) provides protection for the engine to be cleaner, because it can fight the crust in the engine and protect the engine from the combustion of combustion results, also protect the engine from corrosion so as to make the engine last longer.

"Shell Helix Astra is designed with the most advanced technology which is the result of research by Shell scientists and is specially formulated for driving conditions in Indonesia. With the new variant launched today, we hope that Shell Helix Astra users can enjoy better vehicle performance with cleaner, more heat-resistant and more durable engines, "explained Vice President Marketing Lubricants of PT Shell Indonesia Andreas Pradhana

New Shell Helix Astra Packaging

In addition to the two new variants, Shell Helix Astra which has been accompanying consumers for seven years in the country is also refreshing its product line with new packaging. This new packaging comes with a identity that is simpler, more elegant, informative, and reflects the superiority of the technology used by Shell Helix Astra.

Shell Helix Astra also invites vehicle users to use the latest variant of the Shell Helix Astra family in order to obtain driving comfort, through the tagline ‘Drive Without Worry’ vehicle users no longer need to worry that their vehicle will overheat or wasteful of fuel.

Astra Trusted Network

The Shell Helix Astra product range is currently available at 98 AUTO2000 authorized dealers, 69 Astra International Daihatsu authorized dealers, as well as 375 Shop & Drive stores throughout Indonesia. Besides this variant of 0W-20 SN + lubricant can also be obtained through the Oil Home Delivery Shop & Drive service, while specifically for the LCGC variant can only be obtained through the online shopping sites and "Through the tagline‘ Drive Without Worry ’Shell Helix Astra positions itself as a trusted product marketed by Astra's trusted network and supported by reliable and trusted mechanics. Therefore, we believe that our loyal customers always experience the best experience while driving, also when doing oil change services, "added Director of PT Astra Otoparts Tbk Yusak Kristian.


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