Astra Otoparts Group CSR Commemorates World Environment Day by Planting 4,000 Mangroves

01 Sep 2020

Commemorating the World Environment Day which is set every June 5, CSR of the Astra Otoparts Group together with the Karawang Regency Government carried out mangrove tree planting activities in the Pasir Putih and Tangkolak Beach areas, Karawang Regency on Thursday, July 11, 2019. Attending the event was the Karawang Regent dr. Cellica Nurrachadiana, Representative of Karawang Budianto DPRD, and a number of representatives from the Karawang Regency's Environmental and Fisheries & Maritime Office and CSR representatives from the Jakarta and Karawang regional Astra Otoparts Group.

Astra Otoparts Group donated 4,000 mangrove seeds together with other companies around Karawang who participated with a total of 40,000 mangrove seeds donated to Karawang District. According to the Regent of Karawang, dr. Cellica Nurrachadiana, the location of mangrove planting, namely Pasir Putih Beach and Tangkolak Beach, will become the leading natural tourism destination in Karawang Regency.

The planting of mangroves in Pasir Putih and Tangkolak Beach is a form of environmental responsibility of the Astra Otoparts Group which aims to restrain abrasion on the beach as well as to conserve flora and fauna around the coast so that its natural preservation is maintained, so that it benefits the surrounding communities.


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