Saniter Collaborates with Kereta Commuter Indonesia to Protect Users from COVID-19

01 Feb 2021

Building Initiative of #IndonesiaTerlindungi, Saniter Collaborates with Kereta Commuter Indonesia to Protect Users from COVID-19

09 September 2020

The implementation of large-scale social restrictions transition (PSBB Transisi) and re-implementation of large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government has restricted most people to do their normal activities from home. However, certain industrial sectors are allowed to operate while insuring implementation of COVID-19 prevention health protocol. As an effort to support the community during the implementation of the social restrictions, Godrej Indonesia (Godrej), a leading home and personal care company in Indonesia with its flagship brands HIT, Mitu, and Stella, in collaboration with Kereta Commuter Indonesia (KCI) provides 17,130 units of Saniter hand sanitizers which spread across eight (8) train stations on the Bogor-Jakarta Kota route. The hand sanitizers availability for commuter line train passengers is part of Godrej Indonesia initiative for #IndonesiaTerlindungi, which is an effort to fight the COVID-19 virus, as well as a reflection of the company's commitment to supporting Indonesia's economic recovery.

The COVID-19 pandemic has indeed changed the way people live around the world. With more than 27 million people in the world had been infected – more than 200,000 of them are Indonesians– it is mandatory for everyone without exception to apply COVID-19 prevention measures with high discipline, including the use of masks and physical distancing while interacting with other people, avoid touching face with dirty hands, and wash hands diligently. One of the most convenient prevention methods is to always use a hand sanitizer after touching any object that other people have touched.

"The re-implementation of PSBB is a time where most activities would have to be carried out from home. For those who still have to do activities out of home, we would like to ensure that they are safe and protected. This is the reason that we present Saniter products, one of the essential products from Godrej Indonesia to help people feel safe in their activities while remaining cautious about the risks of COVID-19. We hope that the collaboration with Kereta Commuter Indonesia by providing Saniter hand sanitizer at commuter line train stations could help the public in fighting COVID-19 and still feel protected when traveling on public transportation, for #IndonesiaTerlindungi," said Akhil Chandra, Godrej Indonesia President Director.

KCI data recorded a significant increase in the number of users, especially after the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government imposed transitional large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) since last June. In June 2020 8,396,700 people were using the commuter line. Meanwhile, in July 2020 there were 10,914,988 users, an increase of 29.9%. The increase in the number of users at all commuter line stations shows that the community is starting to actively work, do their activities, and need more protection to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Saniter hand sanitizer products can be found at Bogor Station, Tanah Abang Station, Sudirman Station, Bekasi Station, Jakarta Kota Station. Tebet Station, Depok Station, and Manggarai Station. The availability of Saniter at these stations is also equipped with audio and visual public service announcement as a reminder to keep hands clean. This public service announcement is also part of Godrej Indonesia's efforts to help the government educating the public to continue maintaining their health amid this pandemic.

"We appreciate Godrej Indonesia's concern and we are very pleased to be working together to protect commuter line train users. We hope that the availability of Saniter hand sanitizers at several train stations can increase the users’ hygiene and sense of safety in using commuter line trains and help to break the chain of COVID-19 transmission”, said Anne Purba, Vice President Corporate Communications PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia.

Saniter hand sanitizer, consists of two variants - gel and liquid spray, contains 70 percent alcohol as recommended by WHO for a more practical new normal adaptation. The quality of Saniter hand sanitizer has also been clinically tested, specially formulated with a moisturizer so it does not feel sticky to the hands and does not dry skin. It also effectively kills germs instantly with a fresher fragrance. Saniter has a wide range of hygiene products, from personal care to home care. Personal care products include hand sanitizer gel and liquid spray, liquid handwash, and personal wipes; meanwhile, home care products include air & surface sanitizer, fabric spray as well as surface disinfectant spray and wipes. All products are presented to cater to the safety needs of Indonesians at home, at work, during their daily commute, or anywhere they do their activities.

"The presence of Saniter hygiene protection products in public is a form of our commitment to protect them and to support the efforts to recover the Indonesian economy. Although some people still have to use public transportation for work and activities, they can still feel safe and comfortable with protection from a wide selection of Saniter products," said Akhil.

The collaboration with KCI is part of Godrej Indonesia's long-term commitment to protect the public against COVID-19. Last July, the company collaborated with the Indonesian Red Cross (Palang Merah Indonesia - PMI) to distribute thousands of masks and necessities packages to the people in Surabaya as well as to nursing homes, homes for disabilities, and affected residents in Jakarta. Godrej also donated hundreds of personal protective equipment (PPE) to PMI Command Post in East Java. Earlier in May, Godrej Indonesia donated household products with active ingredients and effective concentrations as disinfectants that have been proven effective to fight COVID-19 to 74 hospitals across the Greater Jakarta area.

About Godrej Indonesia
Godrej Consumer Product Limited (GCPL), a company based in India, acquired the PT Megasari Makmur (Godrej Indonesia) group which is engaged in household care in 2010. Godrej Indonesia has now developed into a leading Home and Personal Care company in Indonesia with 5 factories. With 30% contribution to GCPL's international business, Godrej Indonesia is one of the largest international business units. Godrej Indonesia's flagship brands are HIT in the household insecticide category, Stella in the air freshener category and Mitu in the baby care and baby wipes category all of which are market leaders in their respective categories. The Godrej Indonesia brand portfolio also includes other household favorite brands such as Proclin, Biosol, Klinpak, Polytex, Carrera, Cap Gajah, Shock, Nyu, Saniter, all popular brands that can be found in most Indonesian households. It is estimated that nearly 16 million households in Indonesia use at least one of Indonesia's Godrej brands every day. With a multi-local business model, Godrej Indonesia's products are developed domestically for consumers in Indonesia and in the world.

About Kereta Commuter Indonesia
PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia is a subsidiary of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero). The main task of KCI is to provide commuter train transportation services using the Electric Rail Train (Kereta Rel Listrik – KRL) and its supporting businesses. The KRL Commuter Line currently serves 80 stations in the Jabodetabek area and its surroundings with a route range of 418.5 km. The number of KRL trips per day was 975 trips with a volume reaching 1 million users per day before the Covid-19 pandemic.


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