Types of Goods to be Exported

Understand the types of goods to be exported. The grouping of export goods can be divided into 3 (three) groups, this is in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Trade No. 13 / M-DAG / PER / 3/2012 concerning "General Provisions in the Export Sector":

  • Export-free goods can be analogized as goods that are general in nature and have a lot of stock so that if they are exported it will not threaten the availability of these goods in the country and also will not affect national food security, for example apparel, various kinds of handicrafts, several types of plantation products etc.
  • For goods with export restrictions, to be able to export goods in this category, a special permit is required, for example, such as an Export Approval report, a surveyor report, a registered exporter, this depends on the type of goods to be exported.
  • Export Prohibited Goods are goods that are not allowed to be exported. To find out the types of goods that are prohibited from exporting, see the following link: https://eksporindonesia.com/permendag-45-tahun-2019-tentang-barang-dilarang-ekspor/