Facilitation / Ease of Export from the Government

The Indonesian government provides several export facilities that can be enjoyed by exporters. Take advantage of this facilitation to obtain information regarding export requirements to export destination countries, regarding export potential, security of transactions with overseas buyers, reduction or exemption of import duty rates in export destination countries and other information which will certainly be very useful for the development of exports of business actors / UMKM.
Some of the export facilities provided by the government include:

  • Certificate of Origin (SKA) or also known as Certificate Of Origin (COO). The function of this SKA is to obtain a reduction or exemption from import duties in the export destination country. By attaching SKA documents to each export, the buyer will get a reduction or exemption from import duty on goods in his country. SKA also functions as a statement of validity that the exported goods are manufactured or produced in Indonesia. Link for SKA: https://e-ska.kemendag.go.id/cms.php
  • INATRADE system . Is an online application for processing export permits for certain products. Link for INATRADE: http://inatrade.kemendag.go.id/
  • INSW system . Is a system and application to find out about the criteria for export goods, tracking export documents, lartas, and many other information related to export requirements. Link for INSW: https://www.insw.go.id/
  • Trade Attache and Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC). The Trade Attache and ITPC are Indonesia's trade representatives who facilitate between exporters and buyers in export destination countries. Business Actors and MSMEs can consult about the potential for export products to various countries, get information about the credibility of buyers, facilitate between exporters and buyers abroad if there are obstacles regarding exports, and many other things can be consulted with the Trade Attaché and the ITPC.
  • Export Financing. The government has also designated Indonesia Eximbank as an official institution to facilitate export financing. Indonesia Eximbank will assist exporters in order to encourage the export program of businesses and SMEs. Link for Indonesia Eximbank: http://www.indonesiaeximbank.go.id/id
  • FTA Center, Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Center conducts education / outreach activities, consultations, and advocates for the use of the results of international trade negotiations for business actors. This service is free of charge.