MIND ERP Solutions

MIND ERP Integration software solution permits sellers to update items, inventory, and prices to your store in the commerce system. This solution provides a way to automate integration from the ERP of a vendor merchant to the commerce system.


You can upload an XLS of products and product properties, and move daily prices and inventory from tables in the ERP to local ERP integration tables near their ERP system in a simple MySQL DB. This gets prices and inventory to the commerce server, automates the downloaded orders on the seller store, and updates order statuses.


MIND technologies solutions are tailored to impart the Indonesia business world for sustainable growth and revenue generation. This is as a result of the global visibility and connectivity they garner for the manufacturers, corporations, wholesalers, and exporters of authentic ‘Made in Indonesia’ products and services.


Personalized and Customizable ERP Solutions for Small Businesses

MIND will integrate the functions and departments in a centralized system to streamline the interactions among sales, quality, and many different aspects or operations at affordable prices.

Warehouse Management System

MIND provide buyers with live warehouse management system that allows buyer to see how many product or stock without event contact the sellers. This system will update automatic that you will always inform. Our warehouse management system also gave notice for out of stock product.

Logistic Management System

MIND offered the next generation logistic management system, where we help you manage supply chain operations more efficiently. It is suitable for all companies that create products, manage orders, and track logistics and warehouse operations.

Payroll Management System

Payroll management system is a system used by companies to help manage the computation, disbursement, and reporting of employees’ salaries efficiently and accurately. It is the combination of software, processes, services, hardware, and other systems that help automate the payroll process from the gathering of timekeeping information, computation of wages, to disbursement of salaries and pay slips.

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