Professional Brand Identity
Design Services for Businesses


Abstracting brand identities according to the business type


Creative corporate identity design solutions to assist businesses to create an outstanding influence


Satisfying client requirements by creating a philosophical brand status using sophisticated tools to deliver the best services


On-time and within budget project deliveries


Creating an inimitable appearance for businesses by integrating the business name, message and selling point


Creating adaptable, simple yet exceptional design methods for a timeless business growth


Giving a smart and professional approach to corporate design services with skilled logo, letterhead, and promotional material designs


Using modern tools and technologies for a superior and creative corporate identification


Employing robust identification development methods by understanding your business and taste of the customers


Proficient brand identity solutions for seamless online and offline marketing tactics

Madeinindonesia.com works with reputed design agencies to make companies stick out from the crowd. By employing diligent corporate identity services, our teams of experts provide cost-friendly ways for businesses to pique the interests of the target market. With brilliant identity development strategies, we give businesses a strong voice to leave a lifelong impression on potential customers.

Corporate Design
Development Package


Logo Design


Business Cards


Brochures & Flyer


Stationery Design


Infographics Design


Three Components of
Brand Identity Design Services

Brand Culture

Your brand culture is one of the most important parts of your corporate branding package. Without showcasing your employees and your mission statement, how will you be able to set yourself apart from the crown? Your company’s inherent brand culture is a mix of your employees and your work, with a sprinkle of brand promises on top. Think about successful brands and how they offer guaranteed results and product satisfaction; that’s what you’ll get with Split Reef’s brand identity design services.


Position in Market

We carefully consider your consumers when taking on your corporate branding package project. What do your customers say about your brand or product already? When you have an established name in your industry, this can be easy. But if you don’t, it’ll help to have a branding expert like Split Reef on your side to help determine your market position and leverage that position for better branding and recognition in Columbus, OH and Jacksonville, FL.

Visual Components

In a corporate branding package, it’s all about visuals. A logo, picture, or advertisement should invoke an emotional response from consumers and establish a mental image that they connect to your company. Fonts, design, colors, texture and other graphic design tactics are used to tie in your brand identity design services to create a cohesive and comprehensive corporate identity design package that makes sense for you and your industry.


Corporate Design Development package

(Brand Guidelines, Brand Reputation, Logo Design, Business Cards, Brochures and Flyers Design, Stationery Design, Infographics)

  Small Business Package Corporate Package
Monthly price $500 $Contact Us
Social Media Post (Select from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) 10 Contact Us
Blog Posts (Posted on Madeinindonesia.com, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) 3 Contact Us
Copy Writing 1 Contact Us
Product Photoshoot
Inhouse Promotional Videos 2
Basic Website Optimization
Business Lead Generation Analysis
Monthly Reporting and Recommendation

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