Artificial Intelligence Services

The world of commerce is moving at a faster pace and businesses are creating products using AI as a core feature, serving customers with a richer more personalized experience. Following are some of the mind A/I solutions for SMEs.

Artificial intelligence and automation are changing the landscape for large businesses, but as a small business owner, you may wonder how it can benefit your company. MIND A/I Solutions & advisory helps you with concepts as well as the application of artificial intelligence for data analysis, processing, and process optimization.

MIND technologies solutions are tailored to impart the Indonesia business world for sustainable growth and revenue generation. This is as a result of the global visibility and connectivity they garner for the manufacturers, corporations, wholesalers, and exporters of authentic ‘Made in Indonesia’ products and services.

An Intelligent Chatbot

Make your business future ready by enabling A/I based smart conversational chatbot to automate manual tasks. MIND chatbot technology can be used in following fields.

Smart Chatbots

Limited budgets have traditionally left small businesses at a disadvantage when looking to market themselves. MIND affordable artificial intelligence (AI) tools will enhance SME to capitalize the full potential of AI to boost productivity to revenue.

For many Indonesian small business owners, the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) may seem like a daunting challenge. It's easy to dismiss AI as a complicated and slightly alien tool that can only be used and understood by computer scientists and other experts at big tech companies, but this attitude is mistaken. In reality, there are many ways small businesses can take advantage of A/I right now. And they shouldn't wait - their competitors certainly won't.

Our Chatbot Technology Can be Used in Following Fields.


Customer Service Management


Order Management


Hospitality Management


Travel Industries


Beauty and Fashion

MIND Shall Work Very Closely With You

MIND shall work very closely with you to design personalized A/I led technologies solutions like Image recognition, automated detections, and digital personalization to push your operational as well as consumer excellence to the next level.

Deep Learning

Artificial neural networks find patterns and correlations within your data to assist you with analysis, optimization and make predictions.

Text Analysis (NLP)

State-of-the-art computational linguistics assist you with text analysis, entity recognition, and sentiment recognition (text positive / negative / neutral). NLP Technology has been designed into AI-led MIND Real-time multi language chat system to break down the language barrier for Indonesian sellers.

Image Recognition

Analyze your visual data (e. g. expense receipts, invoices, quotations) and automatically extract data using modern computational algorithms.

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