Trade Regulations

This information is provided as a guide for Indonesian exporters who are interested in selling their products to Canada.

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Transshipment involves the transport of Indonesian goods through an intermediary country to get them to Canada. This includes transferring goods from one transportation vessel to another in a country other than Canada. Transferring goods from one ship to another or from a ship to an airplane or rail are examples of transshipment. To keep the Country of Origin intact, transshipment must adhere to a number of terms. For example, the goods must:

  1. remain under customs transit control in the intermediate country;
  2. not undergo any operation in the intermediate country other than unloading, reloading, or splitting up of loads, or any other operation required to keep the export items in good condition;
  3. not enter into trade or consumption in the intermediate country; and
  4. remain in temporary storage in the intermediate country for no more than six months.

There are no direct routes when exporting products from Indonesia to Canada by sea. All ships must go through at least one other country, and sometimes more than one. It is generally not recommended for Indonesian exporters to use transshipments that are routed through the United States. Typically, products arriving in the U.S. would need to be unloaded from the ship and sent to Canada by truck, which is a very expensive option. This route should only be considered after careful consultation with your freight forwarder.