Required Documents

The consignee / agent must obtain a shipment list from the shipping agent and submit the original standard trade documents as follows:

  • Invoice - Generated by the exporter and addressed to the importer providing details including quantity, description of goods and total value of each item imported.
  • Certificate of Origin (SKA / COO) - This document provides information about the country of origin of the goods and has been approved by the Chamber of Commerce in the country of origin.
  • Packing List - The packing list must also include weight, packing method, and HS code for each type of item shipped.
  • Import Permit - This permit must be obtained from the relevant competent authority if the imported goods fall into the category of limited goods or goods that are exempted from import duty.
  • Bill of Entry (Sea Route) or Airway Bill (Air Line) - For food and beverage products, several additional certificates are required, including:
    • Original Health Certificate - This certificate must be issued by the authorized government agency in the country of origin, which certifies that the product shipped is fit for human consumption
    • Original Halal Certificate - This certificate must be issued by an Islamic institution / institution that has received recognition from the government of the country of origin, and Islamic institutions / institutions that issue this halal certificate must be registered with the Ministry of Environment and Water of the UAE (UAE Ministry of Environment and Water - MOEW).