The application of e-SKA Form E electronically has come into effect on October 15, 2020, this means that the e-SKA Form E issued by the SKA Issuing Agency (IPSKA) will automatically be sent to the export destination country of China / China through electronic data exchange between ASEAN and China.

The enactment of the e-SKA Form E makes the SKA Form E applications submitted by exporters which have been printed manually using the standard Form E, then automatically the SKA Form E will automatically be sent as e-Form E to China.

Flow of SKA e-Form E

The flow of the new Form E Certificate of Origin can be seen in the chart below:

Two Alternative Choices of SKA Form E

With the enactment of the e-SKA Form E, it provides an alternative choice for exporters to choose the use of Form E Certificate of Origin, namely:

  • Hard Copy SKA Form E . Exporters who still need SKA Form E documents in hard copy can print SKA Form E as usual on form E, which is already available in IPSKA.
  • Electronic SKA Form E (e-SKA Form E ). For exporters who do not need the SKA Form E document in hard copy, the e-SKA Form E issued by IPSKA can be used as a document for claiming preferential tariffs in China.

There are no changes in the Procedures for Application for SKA Form E that have been carried out by exporters, which are still in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia Number 24 of 2018 concerning Provisions and Procedures for Issuance of Certificate of Origin for Goods of Indonesian Origin and several changes to the Minister of Trade Regulation. .

Likewise, the Goods Origin Criteria used are still using the same Goods Origin Criteria that are currently in effect. It is hoped that the enactment of the e-SKA Form E will make it easier and faster for exporters to complete their export documents and be more efficient. Exporters can only submit a Form E SKA Issuance Application using the e-SKA application through the portal .