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  • Wika Solar Water Heater TSX 130

    Rp 17.200.000 / Set
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    TSX 130
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    Product Description

    Description of Wika Solar Water Heater TSX 130 ONLY IN installments
    5 Year Tanks & Collectors, 1 Year Components & Accessories
    Additional Costs Rp. 900,000 for installation in not because you have to use a holder or bracket
    Is a water heater that is sourced from solar energy (Solar Water Heater) with a tank capacity of 130 Liters.
    The SWH TSX 130 type is ideal for bathing 1-3 people per day, assuming 2x baths.
    Guarantee and after sales of this domestic pride product has earned the title TOP BRAND 2011-2014 so that consumers are also more comfortable and make the right choice because Wika Solar Water Heater is here for anyone who prioritizes quality, efficiency, safety, and environmental friendliness.
    The TSX 130 type is the type with the smallest capacity of the WIKA SWH water heater (130 liters). This type is present as an answer to the need for hot water for middle-income households.
    The economical price is intended for middle-income households. The advantage of this type is that the inner tank is insulated with porcelain enamel, which is proven not only to be resistant to rust but to even be resistant to any water conditions, so it can be guaranteed durability. Meanwhile, the outside of the tank is covered by coated steel.
    Cover: Galvalume 0.3 mm Clear Coating
    Insulation: Non CFC High Density Injection Polyurethane
    Tank Tubes: Blue, Titanium Enamel
    Inlet & Outlet: 3/4 "Enamel Pipe.
    Galvalume box 0.3 mm, top cover of 5 mm Mislite Glass
    Absorber: Duapro Aluminum Sunstrip & Copper Pipe
    Insulation: Non CFC High Density Injection Polyurethane & Aluminum Foil
    6 BAR test pressure
    Working Pressure 4 BAR
    Back up Electric Heater: 1,000 W

    Corrosion Prevention: Magnesium Anode.


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