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18 Nov 2020

I am highly convinced that this will be the most exciting news coming your way at this time of the year. Before I let the cat out of the bag, let me personally wish you and your high-ranking organization beautiful complements of the season.

I’m sure you will be glad to know that your organization has been penned down as one of the most authentic and verified Indonesian manufacturers of Made in Indonesian products. This gesture is the courtesy of JIVA GROUP Indonesia” under popularly known brand MADEININDONESIA.COM

This recognition also goes with our ABSOLUTELY FREE 1-Year Premium Membership.

You may begin to wonder what MADEININDONESIA.COM is. You are very right!

MADEININDONESIA.COM is the first of its kind in Indonesia as a ‘one-stop-shop’ where all authentic and verified Indonesian market shall be made visible to millions of potential buyers across the globe. Obviously, a larger part of Made in Indonesia products and services had remained under the cocoon of local patronage for too long. This trend has continuously limited revenue generation by the Indonesian manufacturers, wholesalers, and the government revenue department.

But the GOOD NEWS is that MADEININDONESIA.COM, platform has come up with credible solutions to the nagging problems confronting the Indonesian manufacturers and their products. These nagging problems include lack of global exposure of Made in Indonesia products and services, almost total lack of access to credit facilities by the Indonesian manufacturers, and almost zero levels of scalable technology for online global trade.

Nothing sells a product than its global visibility to potential buyers!

However, with MADEININDONESIA.COM, Indonesian manufacturers and wholesalers will be able to showcase their products to the larger world and be able to generate more revenues for their efforts.

The MADEININDONESIA.COM delivers a seamless customer-centric shopping experience.

Finally, we say Congratulations to your organization for availing these unique opportunities. You can also reach the MADEININDONESIA.COM team on +62 251-4666 for further information.




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