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17 Nov 2020

The eagle is landing very soon!

The giant eagle of the MADEININDONESIA.COM has landed in Indonesia to change the global perception of Indonesia-made goods and services. shall become fully operational during the Grand Launch of its brand scheduled in Aug 2020. The official grand launch will change the business etiquette in Indonesia.

It is a fact that Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world and one of the richest countries in natural resources. However, despite being the 24th largest exporter in the world, less than 10% of the country’s exports are available online. This is a clear indication that Indonesian businesses and products have remained caged to the local marketplace in the past. The Indonesia business set-up has been inadvertently docile limiting the interaction and participation of giant actors from across the borders. Despite an impressive export position at the global level, most quality and authentic ‘Made in Indonesia’ goods remained in the abysmal domain of local dynamics.

Our research has shown that the phenomenon has limited the expansion ability of manufacturers of quality goods because their products are not visible to the outside world. is now set to open the Indonesian market to the world by creating absolute visibility for authentic Made in Indonesia goods and services.

MADEININDONESIA.COM is operating under a bold vision to be Indonesia’s 1st international B2B marketplace specifically designed to showcase the best of “Made in Indonesia” products and services to the global market. MADEININDONESIA.COM is a one-stop-shop that enables all business transactions to be completed under one platform. MADEININDONESIA.COM, as Indonesia’s Gateway to Global Trade”, is poised to empower Indonesian businesses with the best technology tools. This is in their effort to connect them with numerous global business giants and millions of potential buyers globally. The bottom line is to enhance higher productivity and profitability for greater company efficiency.

With these amazing benefits, it is the right time for all forward-looking Indonesian manufacturers and sellers to step up their operations by using the MADEININDONESIA.COM for sustainable growth. Selected manufacturers and sellers can avail themselves of these unique opportunities by registering TODAY in our pre-launch registration portal at This goes with an offer of a 1-Year Premium Membership with all its benefits at a totally ZERO cost.


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