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14 Nov 2020

AMAZING BENEFITS AWAIT INDONESIAN MANUFACTURERS BY USING MADEININDONESIA.COM The Indonesian manufacturers and wholesalers can henceforth heave a sigh of relief with the introduction of the marketplace. The MADEININDONESIA.COM is setting a brand-new pace in doing business with numerous benefits for the Indonesian manufacturers and sellers.

MADEININDONESIA.COM easy-to-use platform makes the one-stop-shop adaptable for all forms of online digital transactions. The simple tools presented in scalable technology are encrypted to offer different types of convenience and security for online global businesses. is simple, easy, secure, and fast. MADEININDONESIA.COM uses the power of technology to enhance Indonesian businesses and reduces customer’s efforts to purchase products and in placing repeat orders.

MADEININDONESIA.COM platform provides product accessibility to authentic Made in Indonesian goods on the global platform. This makes Indonesian goods accessible to millions of potential buyers worldwide. This in return helps to increase productivity and profitability.

Again, access to both local and international business financing facilities is made easier and simpler as manufacturers and sellers are open to new opportunities to access funds from numerous financial quarters. Manufacturers can access credit facilities from the top 50 financial institutions ranging from banks, venture capitalists, angel investors, P2P lending, government assistance, and export financing under a single-window application system.

Access to state-of-the-art technology is guaranteed with MADEININDONESIA.COM affordable and scalable technology solutions for Indonesian SME to stand out by staying innovative. Sellers can constantly evolve to the rhythm of ever-changing trends and technology to boost operational efficiency. This also helps to increase revenues and output through automation and integration of business flows.

The features provided by the MADEININDONESIA.COM portal are numerous all congregating to power the visibility and accessibility of Indonesian-made goods. Some of the features Include Product Showcase, Premium Member and Verified Badge, Access to Buyer RFQ Board, Submit Quotation For Buyer’s RFQ, Dedicated Website, Social Media Marketing, Geo-Location, and many more.

MADEININDONESIA.COM MEMBERSHIP MADEININDONESIA.COM presents four (4) different categories of memberships viz: Premium, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Membership. The 4 membership categories carry different features and benefits.

As it is always said, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”. To enjoy the integrated benefits of the MADEININDONESIA.COM, go to to register your membership and enjoy a free 1-Year Premium Membership offer.



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