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Spread across more than 17,500 islands, the Indonesian archipelago is a pivotal trading hub in Southeast Asia. The island country borders Malaysia, Timor-Leste, and Papua New Guinea by land, and Christmas Island, India, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and Palau by sea. Indonesia may not be as big in land mass and population as China, but it is in every other sense of the word because of its limitless opportunities for businesses–large and small alike. Here we take a look at Indonesia and why you should consider this vibrant market for exports and sourcing products.

Growth Prospects

According to World Bank, Indonesia continues to post significant economic growth. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) goes on to say, "During the global financial crisis, Indonesia outperformed its regional neighbors and joined China and India as the only G20 members posting growth".

Most of Indonesia’s success is largely homegrown. Meaning, domestic consumption (roughly 60%) has enabled Indonesia to grow faster than its neighbors, such as Singapore, whose economy is more dependent on import/export trade and therefore more vulnerable to slowing export demand. Indonesian exports are worth about 25% of the country’s economy.

Futuristic Digital Ecosystem

The MIND ecosystem consists of an online B2B International marketplace and an innovative online MSME innovation center to empower the Indonesian SME sector to not only digitize but commercialize and internationalize their business globally.

Indonesia’s exports to the world are:


Mineral Fuels,
Distillation Products, etc.


Vegetable Fats
and Oils etc.


Electronic Equipment


Nuclear Reactors, Boilers


Rubber and
Rubber Articles


Gaiters and Parts.

Indonesia Top Commodity Exports

Indonesia’s Top 5 Commodity Exports Commodity Amount (Annually) Palm Oil $14.4 billion, Coal Briquettes $11.98 billion, Petroleum Gas $6.22 billion, Copper Ore $3.48 billion, Gold $1.37 billion, Rubber – $3.33 billion, Jewelry – $3.97 billion, Coconut Oil – $2.73 billion, Cars – $2.55 billion, Plywood – $2.08 billion

Indonesia Top Commodity Imports

Indonesia’s Top 5 Commodity Imports Commodity Amount (Annually) Refined Petroleum $9.91 billion, Wheat $2.41 billion, Raw Sugar $2.05 billion, Cotton $1.09 billion, Soybeans $995 million, Indonesia's Other Notable Imports Telephones – $3.

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