Aspira Achieves Indonesia Original Brand Again

28 Aug 2020

Car and motorcycle parts from Astra Otoparts, ASPIRA managed to maintain its position for eight consecutive years in the top position with the 2018 Indonesia Original Brand Award in the spare parts category in August 2018.

The award, which was initiated by SWA Magazine and BDigest research institute, is a form of appreciation based on the results of a survey of 5,000 respondents in major cities in Indonesia for 108 brands that have proud performance, significant markets, and are able to compete and also survive with increasingly diverse competitors.

With this achievement, Director of Astra Otoparts, Yusak Kristian said ASPIRA proved that Indonesian local products are currently not only able to compete domestically, but also have good competitiveness in foreign countries. "With the achievement of the eighth Indonesia Original Brand award, in addition to being a proud appreciation for us, it is also a reminder that we can continue to provide the best of ASPIRA in order to maintain its position in the community," added Yusak.

ASPIRA is an original Indonesian brand that provides auto and motorcycle parts for all vehicle brands. Complete ASPIRA product variants such as batteries, tires, chain packages, v-belts, brake linings for motorcycles; and air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, wipers, brake linings and brake fluid for cars. With an extensive distribution network throughout Indonesia, ASPIRA is ready to become a Trusted Travel Partner!


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