Is it safe to pay on Madeinindonesia.com?

As an both buyer and seller centric platform the only purpose for us to not allow direct payments to sellers is to prevent fraud that has been the case with a lot of the E-commerce platforms in Asia. So the protective measure is to ensure the smooth and transparent ad fair transactions especially for international buyers. We have recently partnered with World’s Largest Independent Verification Company called SGS based out of Geneva with around 2400 offices around the world. As a buyer you can hire their services within our platform to further ensure the safety and security of the transaction under multiple services they offer.

Besides, we use Ironclad Security measures to make sure your payments are secured and fraud proof. There are strict rules and regulations for both suppliers and buyers to keep the transactions secure and safe. We only work with reputed and established partners including nationally and internationally reputed banks. We also using one one of the most reputed payments gateway approved by the Financial Authority of Indonesia (OJK). Other payment channels like paypal, L/C, escrow services are also provided as options with the whole purpose to protect both buyer and seller from fraud from either side. We act as a custodian to buyer transactions to make sure that the buyer gets what is promised and described on the platform

Madeinindonesia.com is a neutral online platform that offers its services to connect the parties and intervene only in case any party commits any misuse. But it is important to perform your research about the supplier. Different methods are available to check the worth of suppliers like Madeinindonesia.com verification, a number of previous transactions, reviews from previous deals, etc.

What forms of payment does Madeinindonesia.com accept?

Various payment methods are available on Madeinindonesia.com that you can use such as:

Madeinindonesia.com accepts different types of payments like credit/debit card with VISA/MasterCard/JCB/Amex logo, Bank Transfer, Direct Debit with Internet Banking (BCA KlikPay), e-Wallet (GoPay), T/T, L/C, and PayPal.

How can I confirm payment and how long does it take?

Although the payments will reflect in your order after we successfully received the payment, it is recommended that you send us a copy of the receipt to expedite the process. You can send a scanned copy of the payment receipt and order number via email and our team will promptly get back to you.

What is T/T payment?

T/T payment stands for ‘Telegraphic Transfer.’ an international wire of funds from the buyer’s bank to the seller’s bank (in our case our MIND Designated Escrow Account). Under MIND secured payment system, the payments are temporarily held in MADEININDONESIA.COM corporate account till the seller delivers or dispatches the product to buyer. Payments are usually processed within 2-3 working days.

How to make a T/T payment?

Contact the commercial department of your bank, tell them you need to wire (for example) 15,000 USD to a company in Indonesia, and they will generally give you a form to fill out. If you do T/Ts frequently, your bank probably has an ‘internet banking’ application that will save you time.

How do I get confirmation of payment after I paid through T/T?

After you made the payment through T/T, it takes some time for us to receive the payment (1-2 working days for Domestic Transfer and 3-5 working days for International Transfer).

Then we will link the payment with your order to update the order status and you will be notified.

What is the most common payment term requested by suppliers?

MADEININDONESIA does not allow suppliers/sellers to receive any kind of payment directly.

Can I pay suppliers on Madeinindonesia.com by Letter of Credit (L/C)?
Note: L/C Payment is to be negotiated directly between buyer and seller. In case of Large order value we recommend to use our independent verification partner company (SGS) to mediate the release terms with the seller. (this is optional service not mandatory)

Yes, you can use this method. However, this method is mostly used for the payment of large amounts of orders (above 10,000 USD). Alternatively you can use MIND Secured Payment Service

Warning :Buyers who want to pay their suppliers directly outside our platform, MIND will not bear any responsibility in case of fraud or dispute in such case.

The only payment method we allow buyers to negotiate with seller is Letter of Credit (L/C) but we recommend to use SGS, our independent inspection/verification company to mediate the L/C Release terms to ensure transparent and secure transaction.

Please to contact us if you need any help or further information.

The general steps in L/C

The procedure is in some ways similar to that of the Madeinindonesia.com secure payment system, as the funds are ‘unlocked’ to the supplier when certain conditions are reached. The main difference is that you can set those conditions directly with seller and MIND platform has no intermediary role. So please approach with caution. At a minimum, the L/C payment is unlocked once the supplier provides a bill of lading copy – proving that the goods are shipped. However, that only proves that ‘something’ (for example a container filled with empty boxes) has been shipped. To further reduce your risk, and tie the payment to the quality and compliance of the products, require the following documents as part of the L/C payment trigger

aQuality control test reports (approved)

bLab test reports

Keep in mind that you set the payment terms.

Note: For large transactions we advise to contact our independent business verification partner (SGS) to act as custodian in case of L/C Payments to ensure fair and transparent transactions.
How Does Paypal Works?

PayPal is recommended payment method on Madeinindonesia small or medium payment transitions especially for International Buyers. You may make credit card payments via PayPal without making an account as well. For making the payments through PayPal, just enter the details like contact number and email id. Type the amount in the field, review the payment details, and click the send button. However, for business transactions, it offers a new feature that provides the option to bring back the money in case goods are not as per specifications described in the order form. But for bringing back money, you have to provide sufficient evidence against the supplier.

Fee for each transaction with PayPal is 4.4% + Fixed Fee.

The Fee depends on the buyer’s country/region.

  • Effective date for Malaysia is subject to regulatory approval.
How is the charge fee per transaction?

The following transaction fees apply depending on the payment methods :

Payment Channel Transaction Fee
Domestic Online Payment
Processing Time
BCA Virtual Account, BNI Virtual Account, Permata Virtual Account, Mandiri Bill Payment, GoPay 3%/ transaction Real-time
Offline Transfer Transfer payments via ATM, phone or internet banking. BCA, BNI, BRI FREE 1-2 days
International Bank Transfer (TT) 5 USD + 1%/transaction 2-3 days
PayPal 4,4% + Fixed Rate Instant
Letter of Credit (L/C) 3% *subject to negotiation  
How does MIND Secured Payment work?

Only transfer payment to our designated corporate account and payment options. We cannot guarantee if you transfer any payment directly to seller outside the platform. Orders are shipped after full payment is made.

Scenario 1

Order Value Below $10,000 US

Payments up to 10,000 USD (excluding payment in instalments service


Buyer payments are temporarily withheld Madeinindonesia designated escrow service until goods are collected by buyer and confirms the delivery of the goods.

Please note for all transaction up to 10,000 USD (excluding the order which involve production/ instalment service), all payments are withheld in our designated corporate escrow account and released after the buyer receives the goods or after the tenure of return policy whichever is the case. In case seller does not fulfill the contract terms in any or the product quality is not as displayed on the our platform the buyer can refund the money.

The buyer has a right to use the return policy if any on the product. Upon the delivery confirmation from buyer or and expiry of product return date the money is released to the seller.

For higher order values please use contact supplier service where you can negotiate the trade, payments and shipments terms with the supplier.


1Only transfer payment to our designated corporate account and payment options

2We cannot guarantee if you transfer any payment directly to seller outside the platform

3Orders are shipped after full payment is made

Scenario 2

Order Value above $ 10,000 US

Payments more than 10,000 USD (excluding instalment service)


Payments made by buyer are again temporary in MadeinIndonesia corporate escrow service. Our designated shipping partner picks the product and issues the tracking ID of the product. Payments are released to seller simultaneously product are successfully shipped to seller.

Note: We advise all order above 10,000 USD to use our pre-shipping inspection service to ensure the products ordered by buyer are same as agreed between buyer and seller. If the seller fails pre-shipment inspection ,we issue a refund to buyer.

Pre-shipment inspection is conducted by our partner company (SGS), an independent company which is a global player in quality inspection and verification service. Please visit our [SGS SERVICES PAGE] this is service is recommended but optional.

We recommend to define all trade terms including the currency exchange rate for large orders clearly between buyer and seller to avoid any issues during transaction.

Example :

If you and seller agree on a particular delivery date or and the supplier does not live up to the shipping time or pre-shipment product quality requirements agreed in your contract, you’re protected through the contract. In case of a dispute arises we will try to mediate by involving the SGS to resolve the dispute.

Instructions :

1Only transfer payment to our designated corporate account and payment options

2We cannot guarantee if you transfer any payment directly to seller outside the platform

3Orders are shipped after full payment is made

Give us your feedback

If the supplier breaches any terms of your contract, we will delist them or reduce their rating. If the supplier gives you a bad experience, let other buyers know through our feedback system.

Important Tips

1For transaction above 10,000 USD we strongly recommend to choose independent pre- shipping inspection service Pre-shipment inspection the product quality must be checked before shipment. This feature is optional. You must enable it when you place your order. Inspection covers by the pre-shipment product quality safeguard. Buyer should establish detailed product quality requirements to be included in your contract. You will get an independent report from SGS about the pre-shipment inspection. This feature is optional but highly recommended for large order value transactions.

2You may negotiate with multiple shipping ,cargo insurance and various 3rd party services within the platform.

3L/C Negotiation Process flow directly negotiated between buyer and seller but we recommend to use our independent services from SGS --- ASEI --- EXIMBANK for L/C custodian services to ensure smooth transaction. We can assist with this.

How does the payment limit for each transaction?
Express order

Order value - payments accepted under 50.000 USD.

(We recommend to go for independent pre-shipment verification service for order value above 10.000 USD (recommended but optional).

Express order apply for “ready to ship” products only where stock quantity is available.

Contact Company

No limit.

For large order we recommend to avail independent verification or inspection service from our partner company (SGS). Visit our for further information.

Installment Service

Above $10,000US

Under B2B Negotiation Center – In case of large orders (above 10,000USD) ,Buyers may choose to pay the order in instalment (pay only 30% ,50%, or 70%) of the order value. Especially for the orders that involve white labelling, Customization or production process.

If seller approves your order, you can send initial payment to the MIND Designated withholding Account to start the process and send remaining payment (balance payment) after goods are ready to ship.

In case of large order, we recommend you to choose independent pre-shipment inspection or production monitoring service for our partner company (SGS) to ensure transparent transaction of goods ordered.

L/C (Letter of Credit)

Minimum order value $10,000 US

If you would purchase the products via our premium and verified suppliers, MIND marketplace can also provide a 7 day to 30 refund option after delivery (subject to Seller company consent), if you are not satisfied with the product quality, you may request a refund. We will help you investigate, mediate, and resolve your claim, plus reimburse you when appropriate. Your online order and communication records are the basis of refund resolution.

What if my payment fails?

If your payment fail, there can be several reasons for the failure of your payment such as:

Reason Suggestion
Your issuer declined your payment. You may contact your issuer, or use another card or payment method.
Your payment is declined by your bank for security reasons. You may contact your issuer, or use another card or payment method.
Your card has insufficient fund. You may use another card or another payment method.
Your card number is not invalid. Please input the correct card number.
Your card issuer is not available. You may use another card or another payment method. Or you may try again later.
You are making a duplicate payment. -
Your payment cannot be processed by the acquirer. You may contact your issuer, or use another card or payment method.
Your card is expired. Please check your expiry date and try again. Or you may use another card.
The CVV2/CVC or security code is invalid. Please input the correct CVV2/CVC or security code.
Your card can not be used internationally. You may use another card or another payment method.
Your payment is not responded by your bank. Please try again later, or use another card or payment method.
Your card brand/type is not supported. You may use another card or another payment method.You may use another card or another payment method.
Your payment is declined. You may try other payment methods or cards.
Your payment has not been processed by your issuer. Please try again, or use another card or payment method.
The service is currently unavailable. You may choose other payment method to continue your payment.