Organic Pure Coconut Oil

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Organic Pure Coconut Oil is one of the vegetable oils derived from coconut products (Cocos nucifera). Extracted from fresh meat or ripe coconut core. Virgin Coconut Oil is chemical and additive free and is a form of pure coconut oil. VCO has not experienced the purification, bleaching, or deodorizing of chemicals. Thiscan be stored for 18 months from the date it was produced in unopened containers and at room temperature. This product is liquid at temperatures above 230C and solid at temperatures below 230C. Virgin Coconut Oil must be stored in a cool, dry, clean place away from direct sunlight. Thiscan be used as a cosmetic ingredient or personal care formulation.

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Mitra Niaga Indonesia

Mitra Niaga Indonesia

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We are manufacturer and exporter of coconut-based products. We have been working in the optimization of coconut as one of Indonesia's most useful agriculture commodity for years. We are certified by BRC, USDA, EU, JAS and Halal. We perform advanced research and development in order to stay innovative in the market.
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