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  • MJ (Marie Jose) Body Mist Dark Violet (M6) 100ml

    سعر التجزئة: Rp 11.000 / Piece (MOQ: 720)
    • 3600+ Rp 10.450
    • 7200+ Rp 9.900
    متوفر بالمخزون
    7200 عنصر متاح
    Rp 12.100  / Piece
    دقيقة. ترتيب: 3 Pieces
    شحن إلى
    الكمية الدنيا للشراء لكل منتج 720 Pieces
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    Product Description

    MJ (Marie Jose) Body Mist Dark Violet (M6) 100ml

    With notes of‚ woody spicy,‚ MJ by Marie Jose Body Mist M6 is suited for the men who constantly seek new thrills in life.

    Content/carton: 72
    Inner carton size(cm): 16.3x13.7x15.6
    Outer carton size(cm): 50x50x20
    SKU code: FGBMB2006

    Product Pictures

    PT Priskila Prima Makmur

    PT Priskila Prima Makmur

    Priskila Prima Makmur as one of the independent largest perfume & cosmetics manufacturer in Asia which located in Indonesia. 

    We manufacture high quality perfume & cosmetics, providing a comprehensive range of fragrances and sizes for our customer worldwide, with 40 years of experience and more than 15 years of experience in International market, serving over 50 destinations in more than 25 countries. We have built a strong presence all over the world such as Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

    We are one stop shopping for perfume premium mass market with our 3 leading brands i.e. Casablanca (Unisex), Bellagio (Man) & Regazza (Woman) it cover all perfume category such as EDP, EDT, Body Mist, Body Cologne, Deo Spray and Deo Roll On including hair care (pomade, clay & fiber). All of our products are registered to Indonesia FDA and Halal certified.

    To ensure the best quality product, we are only use 100% imported fragrance from France, Italy & Germany.

    For more information on our company history, products & certification please visit our website at www.priskila.com

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