Masks Flower Earloop 3 Layers 3 D Mix 2 Layers Set of 7 Free Support and Necklace Mask

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Product Description

Masks Flower Earloop 3 Layers 3 D Mix 2 Layers Set of 7 Free Support and Necklace Mask

Non medical mask

Adjustable rubber strap


Cotton material

Mask set of 7


2 Border bowl mask 2 layers of flowers + 5 mask 3 D plain 3 layers (moca blue, dark brown turquoise and ash)

FREE 1 supportive flexible silicone mask can be bent up to 50%

2 pieces of brown / white and black rope mask necklaces

Elastic strap and adjusters


For sports, spy masks do not come off easily, for example cycling

For lunch break - so that the mask is practically put on to take off and reuse

For the hijab

Embroidery Bowl bs choose warrants: ash, black lilac, mocha ivory

Following the shape of the face and nose so that it is tighter, there is a filter that can be replaced by tissue

The size of the bowl is THE SAME BIG with 3D (14-22 cm)

Opening 7 to enter a filter


There is a water repellent filter slot

Color: according to the picture

The photo likeness is +/- 90% due to camera light effects and indoor shooting

Due to safety and hygienic factors, masks that are purchased cannot be returned, please understand

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