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  • 3D Monochrom Cloth Mask Plain Custom Set of 5 Gesyal. Comfortable pattern to wear

    Rp 55.000 / Piece
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    Product Description

    Monochrom 3D cloth mask, plain custom bowl set, contains 5 buckles. Pattern is comfortable to wear

    Material: cotton

    Can: 3 plain bowl masks (custom can choose a color instead of mask type) + 2 monochrom 3D masks

    Can choose colors:

    ( while supplies last )

    Tri D: Black and White monochrom

    The bowl comes in 6 color choices: maroon, moca, dark brown, ivory, mustard, and ash


    3D Shape Measure asymmetrical width 7- 12 cm X 22 cm Back slot for filter entry

    Bowl: 20 x 14 cm) The size of the 7 cm opening has a filter

    Unique Selling Point:


    Because the comfortable pattern of cotton makes it comfortable to wear a mask

    Non medical mask

    Following the shape of the face and nose so that it is tighter, there is a filter that can be replaced by tissue

    There is a water repellent filter slot (Link Filter for use https://youtu.be/WQAsot9VP0U)

    Adjustable rubber strap


    Color: according to image The similarity of the photo is +/- 90% due to the camera light effect and indoor photo shooting.

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