17 Jul 2020
by Press Office MadeinIndonesia

The bigger the horizon, the larger the coverage it provides. Indonesia businesses have remained caged to the local performances in the past. The Indonesia business set-up has been inadvertently cocooned by the local stakeholders (corporations, manufacturers, buyers, and sellers), limiting the interaction and participation of giant actors from across the borders.  Despite an impressive export position at the global level, most quality and authentic ‘Made in Indonesia’ goods remain the abysmal domain of local terrain. This phenomenon has limited the expansion abilities of manufacturers of such quality goods as they were not aptly exposed to the outside world.

But all that is set to change with the entrance of, a highly technology-based digital market place. MADEININDONESIA.COM is set to help the Indonesia business break all business barriers internationally and push ‘Made in Indonesia’ products visible and accessible to international participants. This is to make all authentic, genuine, and quality Indonesia products available on their platform to stir and attract the attention of international importers, traders, and sellers.

The MADEININDONESIA.COM digital platform will help manufacturers to showcase and connect their products to the business world across all continents and countries. MADEININDONESIA.COM’s bold vision is to build Indonesia’s first next generation B2B Global marketplace. This will go a long way to catalyze the empowering, showcasing, and redefining Made in Indonesia products and services in global e-commerce. The MADEININDONESIA.COM Ecosystem online marketplace is tailored as a rich innovative Exporter CLUB intended to empower all the Indonesia business sectors. MADEININDONESIA.COM creative and innovative portal will enrich and empower all Indonesia entrepreneurs and aptly stir them into greater economy heights.



- Press Official


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