Hayasa Ijen Raung Java Specialty Arabica Coffee - 1 Kg

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Hayasa Ijen Raung Java Specialty Arabica Coffee - 1 Kg

Indonesia is a well-known coffee producer and one of them is famous among coffee lovers, namely Ijen Raung Java Arabica coffee. Ijen area is a mountainous area on the eastern side of Java with an altitude of more than 1000 meters above sea level. The mountains of this area are Ijen and Mount Raung. Coffee from this area has a unique and different taste compared to other regions. Arabica coffee from Ijen-Raung has a very long history since the 18th century. Ijen Raung Java Arabica coffee has a strong taste, has a moderate level of acidity and has a special aroma. For those of you who like a special coffee taste, Ijen Raung Java Arabica coffee can be the right choice. Ijen Raung Java Arabica coffee is hygienically packaged by expert hands and roasted using a homemade machine. It is suitable for the tongue of coffee lovers in Indonesia and abroad. We provide it in the form of Bean and Grinded (Coarse, Medium, Fine) with a size of 1 Kg / pcs. (Please give a description of the choice if you want to buy. If not given information we will provide in the form of beans / beans) Let us preserve the culture of drinking coffee from our own homeland.

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Established in 2018, PT Kopi Prima Indonesia is poised to be the important player in the Indonesian coffee industry. We have experience in micro-roaster and trading since 2017 with our brand, Hayasa Coffee.

PT Kopi Prima Indonesia focuses on delivering high quality coffee to export and domestic market with wide selection of Arabica and Robusta coffee. Our coffee is specially sourced by experienced professional from the best plantations all around Indonesia. Moreover, we are also supported by strong management team, as we are a subsidiary of PT. Sumber Energi Pangan Group (which is a sub-holding of Triputra Group, one of well-known big holding company in Indonesia)

Our passion for coffee coupled with a strong management team, enabled us to be the best coffee partner for our customers, farmers, and all stakeholders. Located in the heart of Java, our coffee factory is equipped with the latest technology processing machine, producing high quality products.

Vision :

To be the preeminent coffee player in the world

Mission :

To contribute towards stakeholders prosperity throught premium quality coffee and excellent process

Business Types Manufacturer Legal Owner Johannes Soelistyo
Main Products
Green Bean Arabica, Green Bean Robusta, Roasted Bean Arabica, Roasted Bean Robusta
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Year Company Registered 2018 Export Percentage 70%
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