• Registered Exporters (ER) are exporters that are registered and authorized by the Ministry of Trade to issue an Origin Declaration for export goods from Indonesia.
  • Declaration of Origin of Goods (DAB) is a statement of origin of goods made by a Registered Exporter for exported goods in accordance with applicable provisions aimed at obtaining preferential rates in the export destination country.

Application for determination as a Registered Exporter or ER can only be made by an Exporter who has obtained the e-SKA Access Right (. Http://e-ska.kemendag.go.id/cms.php )

To get a determination as ER, an Exporter must submit an application electronically via e-SKA to IPSKA in accordance with the place where the Access Right registration is filed .

Supporting Data and / or Documents

The application for determination as a Registered Exporter must be accompanied by scanned / scanned original documents:

  • Business Identification Number (NIB);
  • Business License issued by the competent agency;
  • Calculation of the cost structure of the production process for each type of export goods to be registered, in terms of fulfilling the Origin Criteria, use the added value method in the form of: Regional Value Content (RVC) or Qualifying Value Content (QVC), and / or changes to tariff posts: Change in Tariff Classification (CTC) or other documents proving that the goods to be registered have met the Rules of Origin of Indonesian Origin ;
  • A statement letter that is willing to be examined in relation to the fulfillment of the criteria for the Ministry of Trade;
  • Evidence of passing the Rules of Origin of Indonesia test and the procedure for issuing SKAs issued by the Ministry of Trade.

Flow of Assignment As ER

The form of determination as a Registered Exporter must be printed, signed by the Exporter or the person in charge of the company, and affixed with the company's wet stamp and submitted directly by the Exporter to IPSKA. The determination as ER applies as long as the ER carries out its business activities.

  • The exporter as the owner of the e-SKA access right submits an application to IPSKA through the e-SKA system, completes the data entry and uploads the scanned data of the company supporting data.
  • IPSKA verifies the completeness of the application and supporting documents through the e-SKA system.
  • If the verification results are valid and complete, IPSKA gives approval, then the data will be sent to the Ministry of Trade.
  • Furthermore, the Ministry of Trade registers exporters, carries out verification and validation
  • The exporter prints the approved registration form, then comes to IPSKA to ask for an IPSKA signature and stamp
  • The IPSKA officer will upload the stamped and signed form on the e-SKA system
  • Exporters can make a Declaration of Origin (DAB).

Registered Exporter (ER) Obligations

  • Fully responsible for the DAB issued and responsible for the use of ER numbers
  • Keep all DAB and Customs documents related to the production of exported goods.
  • Maintain commercial accounting records for exported goods
  • Receive verification of proof of origin of goods
  • Ready to submit all documents proving the status of origin of goods at the request of the Competent Authority (CA)
  • Notify the Component Authority if there are changes to the registration data.