The difference between a Registered Exporter (ER) and a Certified Exporter (ES) needs to be understood carefully so that it becomes clear and this will facilitate the implementation. The difference between Registered Exporters (ER) and Certified Exporters (ES) is explained as follows based on:


Registered Exporters (ER) are exporters that are registered and authorized by the Ministry of Trade to issue an Origin Declaration for export goods from Indonesia.

Certified Exporters (ES) are Registered Exporters (ER) that have met the criteria for determining as Certified Exporters & Rules Of Origin, and are authorized by the Ministry of Trade to issue a Declaration of Origin (DAB) for exported goods from Indonesia.

Export Destination Country

Registered Exporter (ER)
A Declaration of Origin (DAB) made by a Registered Exporter (ER) is used as a substitute for Form A for exports to member countries of the European Union (GPS-EU) and as a substitute for Form IA-CEPA to Australia (IA-CEP)

Certified Exporters (ES)
Declaration of Origin (DAB) made by Certified Exporters (ES) is used as a substitute for Form D or Form D for exports to ASEAN member countries.

ER and / or ES criteria or requirements

ER criteria
Companies that have business licenses as producers and / or traders who have obtained e-SKA Access Rights

ES criteria
  • The company has been designated as a Registered Exporter (ER)
  • Producing Companies
  • The company has a good reputation
  • The company has a good system for recording & managing financial data
  • The company is free from criminal offenses in the trade sector

Document Requirements

ER documents
Original scanned / scanned documents:

  • NIB
  • Business permit
  • Fee Structure
  • Statement letter of willingness to be verified or surveyed
  • Evidence of passing the Rules Of Origin test

ES document
Original scanned / scanned documents:

  • Name & specimen signature, maximum of 3 people as signatories to the Declaration of Origin of Goods (DAB)
  • Fee Structure


ER Procedure
Via e-SKA to IPSKA where the e-SKA Access Right is submitted , by filling in the following data:

  • Identity Exporter (Name, Address, Phone No., e-mai l, Line of Business)
  • Tariff post or HS 6 digits
  • Description of goods
ES procedure
Through e-SKA to the Director of Import Export Facilitation, the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia by filling in:
  • Tariff Post / HS 6 Digits
  • Description of goods

Determination and Validity Period

Registered Exporter (ER)
Determined by the SKA Issuing Agency (IPSKA) with a validity period as long as the ER runs its business activities.

Certified Exporters (ES)
Determined by the Director of Export and Import Facilitation of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia with a maximum validity period of 4 years from the date of stipulation and can be extended through an application