Application for determination as a Certified Exporter / ES can only be made by an Exporter who meets the following criteria:

Criteria as a Certified Exporter

  • Has received a designation as ER ;
  • Is a producer;
  • Has a good reputation for compliance with laws and regulations related to Export in the last 2 (two) years;
  • have a good system for recording and managing company financial data;
  • Never committed a criminal offense in the trade sector.

To obtain a designation as a Certified Exporter, an Exporter must submit an application electronically through e-SKA ( http://e-ska.kemendag.go.id/cms.php ) to the Director by including the Post / Harmonized System in 6 (six) digits along with a description of the goods.

Requirements for application as an ES

Application for determination as ES must be accompanied by scanned / scanned original documents:

  • Name of signer and sample of signature of at most 3 (three) persons authorized to sign DAB;
  • Calculation of the cost structure of the production process for each type of exported goods to be certified, in terms of fulfilling the Origin Criteria, use the added value method in the form of: Regional Value Content (RVC) or Qualifying Value Content (QVC), and / or change in tariff post: Change in Tariff Classification (CTC), or other documents proving that the goods to be certified have met the Rules of Origin of Indonesia.

Declaration of Origin of Goods

After the Exporters are determined as Certified Exporters, then the Exporters can submit a Declaration of Origin (DAB) for Exports to ASEAN Member Countries . DAB is made through the e-SKA system, it must be printed on commercial documents of exported goods, including the authentic code obtained from the e-SKA system.

Certified Exporter (ES) Obligations

  • Fully responsible for the DAB issued and responsible for the use of the ES number
  • Keep all DAB and Customs documents related to the production of exported goods.
  • Maintain commercial accounting records for exported goods
  • Responding to the verification of proof of origin of goods from the Customs Authority of the export destination country
  • Ready to submit all documents proving the status of origin of goods at the request of the Competent Authority (CA)
  • Notifies Component Authority if there are changes regarding ES data