Definition of Certificate of Origin

Certificate of Origin - SKA (Certificate of Origin), hereinafter referred to as SKA (COO), is a document proving that Indonesian exported goods have met the Rules of Origin of Indonesia.

Definition of e-SKA

Certificate of Origin - Electronic SKA, hereinafter abbreviated as e-SKA, is data from SKA which is submitted electronically to the export destination country in accordance with international agreements or agreements. SKA electronic system, hereinafter referred to as e-SKA, is a system for submitting and issuing SKA (COO) electronically.

The foreign trade agreement between Indonesia and other countries forms the basis for the preparation of the SKA.

The agreement or agreement can be in the form of a bilateral, regional, multilateral, unilateral agreement or agreement or because of the unilateral provisions of an importing country / export destination country which requires this SKA (COO) to be included in Indonesian export goods.

SKA or COO proves that the goods originate, are produced (use raw materials from Indonesia) and or are processed in Indonesia.

Indonesian originating goods are goods originating from Indonesia that have fulfilled the Rules of Origin of Indonesia.

Preference SKA

Is a type of SKA (COO) as a requirement to obtain preferences or facilities in the form of exemption of all or part of the import duty given by a country / group of export destination countries

Non Preference SKA

Is a type of SKA document (COO) which functions as a supervisory document and / or a document accompanying the origin of export goods which states that the exported goods originate from Indonesia in order to enter a certain country territory.