Indonesia’s Authentic Natural Beauty Recipe

01 Apr 2021

Skin is the outermost body part and a top priority for women on average. Many women regularly care for their skin to get utmost beauty, but they do not have sufficient insight about the chemical content of the cosmetics they use. In fact, not infrequently skin problems arise from chemical content in beauty products.

Before the invention of treatment techniques with a mixture of chemicals and sophisticated technology, people in the past decades could still get beautiful and healthy skin. Of course, they take advantage of existing natural ingredients.


In Indonesia itself, traditional beauty treatments are taught from generation to generation, using natural ingredients as did royal people in the past.

Indonesian women at that time used rice mixed with spices to make scrubs. This was proven to be effective in making the skin bright and firm, as seen from the tyrosinase content in rice which can prevent excessive melanin production.

In addition, the skin tends to look dull when there is excessive melanin production and a buildup of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. One way to speed up the replacement of dead skin cells and get a new layer of skin is to use scrubs. Until now, scrubs have become a traditional beauty treatment that is very identical to Indonesia.

One of the authentic Indonesian natural scrubs is the Purbasari scrub. This brand, which has been around since 1993, is known for its quality scrubs. It has various benefits yet it's affordable.

Natural products do react more slowly than chemical products. The outcome of natural beauty products cannot be instantaneous and have different effectiveness than chemical-based care products. However, natural products can be used for a long period of time, without side effects. If used regularly and continuously, it will give tangible results and are more durable.

Natural skin care products will provide soothing to the skin. In addition, natural cosmetics and skin care products will also reduce the possibility of irritation that causes damage to the skin.

This has been the reason of people with sensitive skin to choose organic skin care products because they have the potential to reduce irritation that is often caused by chemicals. (Salwa Fathiyah)




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