Sugar Pouch Powder Pouch 200gr

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CV Sentosa Andalan Wurmb

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CV Sentosa Andalan Wurmb

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CV Sentosa Andalan Wurmb

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CV Sentosa Andalan Wurmb

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Product Description


ORIGINAL KAWUNG SUGAR ~ natural sweet ~

Natural sweetener without ASpartam substance (any chemical)
TESTED LP. POM No. 01231056510311 & P-IRT Ministry of Health No. 209320501782

Areniss Ants has 2 types of mesh, 16 mesh and 18 mesh

Moisture content below 3% *


Carrying Organic Concept, namely: Healthy, Natural, Fragrant
Original Kawung Sugar Ingredients
Safe for people with diabetes.
The work process starts from upstream to downstream, so that the quality is monitored from the beginning to the end.


1. As a Basic Material for Cooking
2. Increasing Energy
3. Prevent Anemia
4. Streamlining Blood Circulation
5. Increase endurance
6. Maintain Body Cholesterol Levels
7. As a Mixture of Medicinal Herbs, drinks, coffee, etc.
8. Safe for people with diabetes, etc.

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CV Sentosa Andalan Wurmb

CV Sentosa Andalan Wurmb

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Areniss Indonesia  is an empowerment program for palm sugar farmers in Garut West Java, Indonesia, which has been established since 2010, covered 10 small-scale factories scattered throughout the Garut district.

This  empowerment program was first initiated  CV.  Sentosa Andalan  Wurmb,

leading by Mr. Santosa

Areniss Indonesia program provide care for the empowerment of the palm sugar farmers by palm sugar processing partnership .

 Areniss Indonesia provides training in the processing of sugar granule for palm sugar framers and  fasilitating  processing equipment according to standard  product system and set up small-scale sugar processing center

This Program have a system that implements a business partnership with palm sugar farmers, this partnership aims to improve the livelihood of palm sugar farmers with implementing the 7 aspects  of   Areniss Indonesia

  • 1. Palm Sugar Nurseries
  • 2. Nature Conservation
  • 3. Palm Sugar Farmers Empowerment
  • 4. Palm Sugar Processing Standardization
  • 5. Appropriate Technology
  • 6. Strengthening Palm Sugar Trade System
  • 7. Synergistic Partnership
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