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    Equipment Horiba 9680S 10D Long ToupH electrode for large containers and long tubes

    Rp 7.920.200 / Unit
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    9680S 10D
    Rp 7.920.000  / Unit
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    30 Days

    Product Description

    Equipment Horiba 9680S 10D Long ToupH electrode for large containers and long tubes

    This refillable pH electrode with integrated temperature sensor is ideal for testing samples in large containers and long test tubes (e.g., microbial culture fluids) due to its long, thin, glass-body.

    • Electrode: 251mm length, 7mm diameter
    • Constructed with responsive glass that is 10x stronger than JIS standards
    • Waterproof, Pb-free glass


    pH Range

    0 to 14

    Temperature Range

    0 to 100°C

    Liquid Junction


    Temperature Sensor





    BNC, phono jack

    Overall Length




    Filling Solution

    525-3 or 300 (3.33M KCl)

    Product Pictures

    CV Andalan prima Sejahtera

    CV Andalan prima Sejahtera

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    Supplier Laboratory Equipment, Glasware, Chemical, Electrical Test, Water Quality Test (Alat Uji Air), Weather Station  & Measuring Instrument. Jual Alat Laboratorium, Alat Lab, Distributor Alat Laboratorium, Laboratory Supplies
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    Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Hach Reagent, Ludwig Thermometer ASTM, Alat Laboratorium
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    Glassware, Vibration, Viscosity, Cannon Pensky
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