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Denkamilk MaxiStart

Made in Denkavit Nederland
European No. 1 Milk Replacer Quality
QC Denkavit Approved
Calf Milk Replacer or commonly called Denkamilk Substitute Milk has been made by an experienced Animal Feed Factory in the Netherlands, DENKAVIT, since 1929. Denkavit itself has a farm with a population of more than 5,000 cows and has a laboratory to periodically test every product it makes.

Denkamilk milk is the best-selling product in Europe, has consistent quality and has been used by more than 40 countries, even now its legality has been recognized by having GMP and ISO certificates.

The advantages of Denkamilk Milk are:
1. Its "WHEY" raw material is very good for calf digestion so that it can minimize the occurrence of diarrhea that is often experienced by calves.
2. Contains "PROBIOTIC, PREBIOTIC, and OREGANO" which can accelerate the development of the rumen (rumen maturity), protect the rumen and the formation of optimal cells.

Tips for Sapiers:
Do not use cheap CMR milk, especially one that cannot be accounted for, because it can have a bad impact on long-term calf development.
Want your cow's milk production to exceed 20 liters? Do you want your cow to weigh 200 kg in 8 months?

Mixing ratio: 125 to 150 g powder formula / 1 liter water (equivalent to 1 liter milk)
1. Prepare the desired amount from 45-55 degrees to 2/3 and available water per liter of 100-125 g of food each thoroughly dissolved in water mixed for about 5 minutes until the food. This is then added to the remaining water.
2. The ideal feeding temperature of 41 to 42 degrees is given to the calves.
3. Close the package after use.
4. Cool and dry place.

Analysis value:
Crude Protein: 22.1%
Crude Fat: 17.8%
Crude Fiber: 0.6%
Ash: 9.3%
Moisture: 3.1%
Calcium (Ca): 9.4%
Phosphorus (P): 7.6%
Vitamin A: 24,980 IU / kg:
Vitamin D3: 4,010 IU / kg
Vitamin E: 150 mg / kg
Vitamin C: 120 mg / kg
Vitamin K3: 1.4 mg / kg
Plus all the vitamins of the B-Complex
Trace Element:
Iron (FE): 78 mg / kg
Copper (CU): 9 mg / kg
Manganese (Mn): 29 mg / kg
Zinc (Zn): 100 mg / kg
Iodine (I): 0.5 mg / kg
Selenium (SE): 0.2 mg / kg
Bacillus Subtilis: 640 MCFU
Bacillus Licheniformis: 640 MCFU

Product Pictures

PT Bintang Arthaa Tirtayasa Sakti

PT Bintang Arthaa Tirtayasa Sakti

PT Bintang Arthaa Tirtayasa Sakti ("BATS") is a company engaged in the field of Importers and Distributors with main business lines in the field of Milk Replacements, Livestock Equipment, Veterinary Equipment, Veterinary Equipment "), Pet Equipment (" Pet Equipment "), Fertilizers and Decomposers (" Fertilizers & Decomposers "), Premium Disinfectants (" Premium Disinfectants ") and Health Support Equipment (" Health Supporting Equipment ").

BATS Featured Products

1) Milk Replacement ("Milk Replacer")
This milk product is a substitute milk belonging to the parent and specifically for calves, pigs, goats, sheep and others. Our main suppliers come from Denkavit Nederland, one of the largest feed companies in the world and has more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing these replacement milk products

2) Livestock Equipment
We are one of the largest distributors in Indonesia for various types of large and small animals. Our suppliers are from Germany Kerbl, Danish Jorgen Kruuse, Funke Gerber Germany, Allflex France, Zhejiang China, Coburn USA and others

3) Veterinary Equipment
In addition to Animal Equipment, we are also one of the largest distributors of veterinary equipment in Indonesia. Various types of our superior products include Insemination equipment, portable ultrasound for animals, Surgical Kits, Midwifery Kits, Pet Dental Equipment, etc. The suppliers of our company come from foreign countries such as: Danish Jorgen Kruse, German Kerbl, German Funke Gerber, Sonowin China and others.

4) Pet Equipment ("Pet Equipment")
In early 2019, BATS began to enter the Pet Animal Equipment business and until now has had many customers in various provinces of Indonesia.

5) Fertilizers and Decomposers ("Fertilizer & Decomposer")
As a company engaged in animal husbandry, the Company is also expanding its business in agriculture because it is still classified in 1 (one) business line and is interrelated. The livestock industry often experiences problems with processing animal dung, causing pollution and protests by the local community. With the existence of superior products and decomposers, our products are a real solution to this and instead provide added value to the company for planting grass, corn, soybean feed as well as CSR programs for the local community.

6) Premium Disinfectant ("Premium Disinfectant")
BATS has 2 (two) types of superior Non-Toxic Disinfectant products namely Primacide (Blue) and Primacuats (Green) to protect actively and independently from the threat of viruses, bacteria, germs, harmful microorganisms and Primacide (Blue) and Primacuats (Green) to protect actively and independently from the threat of viruses, bacteria, germs, harmful microorganisms and threatens the lives of humans and pets. Primacide for 24-hour indoor and outdoor active protection and Primacuats for indoor protection and daily activities such as bathing, washing hands and washing feet. Both of our products have been tested and proven effective in terms of Anti-Virus, especially COVID-19 and until now it has been used by various agencies, business groups, hospitals and clinics to the household.

7) Health Supporting Equipment ("Health Supporting Equipment")
By 2020, BATS also supports Government and Community efforts to be able to protect themselves actively and independently related to the threat of the COVID-19 virus that threatens the life and public order by helping to distribute various needs protective equipment such as special clothing, goggles, gloves, boots and others

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