Bussiness Identity Terms & Conditions




Version No.: 01

Updated: 01, January 2019

1.   Acceptance of Terms

1.1  This Agreement applies to registered users of MADEININDONESIA.COM (www.madeinindonesia.com) (the “Users”). All rules and terms and conditions applicable to MADEININDONESIA.COM shall also apply to the Buyer Identity Service. Users who join MADEININDONESIA.COM and use MADEININDONESIA.COM ’s services shall be regarded as having read, fully understood and accepted the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

1.2  If a user wishes to activate the Buyer Identity Service voluntarily, he/she shall accept the terms of this Agreement and complete the Buyer Identity application process according to the instructions set out in the introductory page. If a user clicks to agree to the terms of this Agreement during the application process, he/she will be regarded as having entered into an agreement with the operating entity of MADEININDONESIA.COM  (“MIND”) and fully accepted all the terms set out herein. 

1.3  This Agreement may be updated by MIND without any notice to you. The updated version will take effect upon publication on MADEININDONESIA.COM . Users should read this Agreement carefully and comply with the relevant applicable terms before using the Buyer Identity Service. If a user disagrees with this Agreement and/or any amendments thereto, he/she may notify MADEININDONESIA.COM  to cancel the Buyer Identity Service. Once a user has started using the Buyer Identity Service, he/she will be regarded as having fully understood and accepted each item of this Agreement and become a member of Buyer Identity Service (a “Member”).

2.   Scope of Service

2.1  A Member shall be entitled to enjoy the Buyer Identity Service for a period of one year upon successful application.

2.2  MIND will run a search based on the activities or information of the user available on MADEININDONESIA.COM . If there is a match, the user will automatically obtain the status as an Identity Verified Buyer or an Activity Verified Buyer. No consent from the user will be required. If the user refuses to participate in the Buyer Identity Service, he/she may notify MIND service team to cancel such service.

2.3  Members will be able to see their verification status in My MIND.

2.4  The verification status of a member is shown in the Seller’s inquiry interface. MIND may at any time display the verification status in other interfaces without notice to the members.

2.5  There are three categories of verification status:

2.5.1     Identity Verified Buyer: These are buyers that have had their company name, company address, company registration number, contact person and their job title checked and confirmed by MADEININDONESIA.COM or a third-party verification agency against the relevant government records or other third-party databases within the past one year. These buyers might have conducted a certain amount of activities on the MADEININDONESIA.COM platform in the past, including, but not limited to: posting Requests for Quotations (RFQs), placing purchase orders online, requesting product inspections from sellers etc. This is based on the records of the MADEININDONESIA.COM platform.

2.5.2     Activity Verified Buyer: These are buyers that have conducted a certain amount of activities on the MADEININDONESIA.COM  platform, including but not limited to posting Requests for Quotations (RFQs), placing purchase orders, requesting product inspections from sellers, or buyers that have been endorsed as proper buyers by the qualified business partners and/or Sellers who are registered members of the MADEININDONESIA.COM  platform based on those buyers’ activities on the MADEININDONESIA.COM  platform. The analysis is based on the records of the MADEININDONESIA.COM platform but have not yet had their identity checked and confirmed by anyone.

2.5.3     Unclear Buyer: These are buyers that have not had any of their information checked or confirmed by anyone.

3.   Verification by Contacts

3.1  Members and Premium Sellers  may be invited to verify the identity of a buyer (a “Verifier”). Members and Premium Sellers shall confirm the identity of the buyer based on the actual circumstances.

3.2  A buyer can apply for verification by contacts and obtain the status as an Activity Verified Buyer if he/she obtains endorsement from 3 qualified Verifiers. A Verifier must be an Identity Verified Buyer, an Activity Verified Buyer or a Premium Seller for two years.

3.3  A Verifier can only confirm the Buyer Identity of 20 buyers in each month.

3.4  If a Verifier is found that to have made confirmations without basis, he/she will lose the qualification to be invited as a Verifier permanently and MADEININDONESIA.COM  will record such fraudulent behavior. It may affect the rights of the Verifier in the future. MIND reserves the right of final interpretation.

4.   Change, Suspension or Termination of Service

4.1  The Buyer Identity Service may be terminated due to the following reasons:

4.1.1     misconduct of a Member on MADEININDONESIA.COM , including sending junk inquiries, making inquiries on banned products, fraudulent acts, phishing and sending voluminous ads;

4.1.2     failure to extend the Buyer Identity Service upon expiry of the term;

4.1.3     failure to activate the verification process before the expiry of the term.

4.2  Notification will be sent to a member if his/her verification status is changed. If there is no notification, the verification status shown on MADEININDONESIA.COM  shall be conclusive.

5.   Governing Law; Dispute Resolution

This Agreement shall be governed by Indonesia laws. Any dispute in connection with the Buyer Identity Service shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Indonesia courts.

6. Disclaimer

The contents contained herein are provided for information purposes only and are provided on an “AS IS”, “AS AVAILABLE”, and “WITH ALL FAULTS” basis. Nothing contained herein shall constitute a representation of any kind or form whatsoever on the credibility, reliability, honesty, integrity, credit worthiness, or any kinds of traits or behaviors of the buyer or any other users of the MADEININDONESIA.COM  platform. Nothing herein shall constitute an advice, advertisement, recommendation, or invitation of any form for anyone to enter into transactions with any buyer (in particular buyers that have been categorized by the “Buyer Identity” tool) or any other user of the MADEININDONESIA.COM  platform. To the maximum extent permitted by any applicable laws, MADEININDONESIA.COM  makes no representation and warranties as to the accuracy, completeness, reliability, adequacy, or fitness of purposes of the information contained or provided herein and makes no guarantee that any information relating to any buyer as displayed on the MADEININDONESIA.COM  platform is up-to-date. Furthermore, MADEININDONESIA.COM  makes no representations or warranties of any kind concerning any product or service offered by anyone on the MADEININDONESIA.COM  platform.