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Produk ini merupakan produk unggulan dari bogor kopi yang terpilih dari biji kopi arabika terbaik

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PT Bogor Kopi Indonesia

PT Bogor Kopi Indonesia

Bogor Kopi Indonesia is a company engaged in the coffee industry. 
We started the coffee business journey since 2015, our initial coffee business began with
coaching at the farm level. Currently we have a brand of coffee with the brand
"Bogor Coffee", the brand we made one of them on the grounds that the raw materials
we use are entirely from Bogor coffee plantations, and want to introduce coffee originating from coffee plantations in Bogor. With the concept of wanting to build a village with superior coffee commodities,
we started our business by fostering a post-harvest process located in the antajaya
village of Cariu sub-district, Bogor regency. Annual production in the Antajaya village is
400 tons per year. We currently have several target villages located in Bogor, namely
Tanjungsari, Cikutamahi, Bantarkuning, and Megamendung villages.
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