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  • Billiton Spice Belitung Black pepper/peppercorn refill

    Rp 62.000 Rp 35.000 / Piece 44% (MOQ: 132)
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    Billiton Spice Refill Series Belitung White Pepper

    Billiton Spice presents the best white peppercorn from Belitung.
    Our peppercorn are harvested directly from local farmers without any additives.

    With high piperine level, Billiton spice's peppercorn offer premium aroma and taste.

    Packed in hygienic glass bottle.

    Nett 60g

    Product Pictures

    PT Billiton Rempah Indonesia

    PT Billiton Rempah Indonesia

    • Gold Member

    Billiton Spice started in 2015. We are producer of one of the finest peppercorn in the world.

    Our product are harvested from Belitung island, an island located in the western part of Indonesia. Belitung is part of the Bangka-Belitung province. What makes our peppercorn special is the soil and geographic location. The island itself is rich in minerals thus produce higher piperine for our peppercorn. Piperine is the measurement of the punginess or aroma of spice.


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