ARTISAN TEA | Larasati | Dossed T-Bag | Premium Tea | Green Tea - 3gr x 10DTB

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ARTISAN TEA | Larasati | Dossed T-Bag | Teh Premium | Green Tea - 3gr x 10DTB


Outer Packaging: White Pouch
Contents: 3gr x 10DTB
3gr x 25DTB

Ingredients: Green Tea, Orange, Amaranth, Crysanthemum, Osmanthus, Lavender
Notes: Floral Aromatic, Full Bodied, Sweet & Soothing

Product Benefits
Functional: Lose weight, Smooth digestive system, Prevent colds and coughs, Reduce pain during menstruation, Lower cholesterol and maintain heart health.

Ambience: Relax, Calm, and Lighten the body.

Serving Suggestion: 3 gr - 250 ml - 85 ℃ - 3 min can be brewed 3 times

Tea Moment: Recommended to be enjoyed in the afternoon / evening after a day of activities to unwind and relax.


Bright and mesmerizing Larasati means "much deeper". Her name was inspired by the Mahabarata puppet character, Dewi Rarasati. As the name suggests, this concoction gives off a graceful and strong impression, which can be immediately felt from its intense aroma and its thick and sweet taste character. Take a deep sip and absorb it more deeply so that you can enjoy its every essence that feels soothing to your heart and mind.

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PT Sila Agri Inovasi

PT Sila Agri Inovasi

sila has been present since 2018, as the first tea innovator and educator who specifically promotes only authentic Indonesian tea, on a mission to elevate the image of Indonesian tea and improve the welfare of our country's pickers and farmers. The Sila brand reflects our concern to appreciate the special flavors and benefits of the best teas and natural artisan blends, which are created uniquely based on our nuances, characters and needs, thus making tea moments even more special and interesting!
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